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Kerri Perras wins our Pumpkin Contest!
2016 Great Pumpkin King Kerri Perras!Heaviest Pumpkin in the Adult CategoryWeighing 765 lbs Adult 2nd PlaceJoe HanrahanWeighing 655 lbs Adult 3rd...
Our 2016 Pumpkin Contest is coming up!
  Bring 'em all ~ Big & Small!Saturday, October 8th, 201611am to 12 noon with prizes for kids and adults to follow
Good Gardeners know... fall is a great...
Good Gardeners know... fall is a great time to add to your garden!   // Share

Pumpkin Contest 2011

Sat, 2011-10-08

On the weekend, at Campbell River Garden Centre, Maura getting ready to weigh her pumpkin!we hosted our 17th Annual Pumpkin Contest. This year had a lot of challenges for the home pumpkin growers as it was such a late, wet start to the summer and many pumpkin vines withered and died in the cold weather.  We actually wondered if any pumpkins would be entered this year and we were happy to see some arriving on Saturday morning.  These gardeners were nothing if not persistent and we all shared some laughs about the cold start and how we are hoping for the "Big Pumpkin" next year.

Pumpkin Winners 2011

Each year the champion with the biggest pumpkin gets their name on our trophy.   This year the honour went to Ray Thomas with his pumpkin weighing in at 161 lbs, that is pretty good for such a cold start to our season.

If you would like to try your hand at growing a big pumpkin you will need some pumpkin seed for a big pumpkin (winners often give seed away so ask us if you are interested), manure and a good sunny location.  Remember not to start your pumpkin too early as the seedlings grow quickly and cannot be planted outside until the very end of May or early June.

Brynna our with her tiny pumpkin

But... our contest is all about fun!  We only have 2 rules:

1)  You need to grow the pumpkin yourself

2)  Only children who grow their own pumpkins can enter in the kids category. 





2011 Pumpkin Prize Winners
1st Place Adult Ray Thomas 161 lbs
2nd Place Adult Don Bryer 116.5 lbs
3rd Place Adult Ashton Lambeth 96 lbs
1st Place Child Maura Dybwad 18 lbs
2nd Place Child Shaylee Willis 16.5 lbs
3rd Place Child Bryanna Dybwad 7 lbs