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Pumpkin Contest ~ Sat, Oct 14th/17 11am...
Campbell River Garden Centre23rd Annual Great Pumpkin Contest October 14th, 2017 1st place Adult Joe Hanrahan 521 lbs2nd Place...
Online Bulb Shopping Begins Sept 15th/...
Once again we have a wonderful selection of bulbs available for fall planting. Lots of new items and lots of specials. If you can't make it into our...
Summer Watering - Water carefully...
Baby, it's hot out there! Watering early in the morning helps plants handle the hot afternoons. Potted plants may require two waterings a day if...


These items are not available at this time.
Iris Germanica Speeding Again 1/pkIris Germanica Speeding Again 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Tour de France 1/pkIris Germanica Tour de France 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Violet Turner 1/pkIris Germanica Violet Turner 1/pk$0.00
Iris reticulata Harmony Bulbs 10/pkIris reticulata Harmony Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Iris Reticulata J.S. Dyt Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Layer Bulb Kit - Fragrant Favourites 32bulbsLayer Bulb Kit -  Fragrant Favourites 32bulbs$0.00
Layer Bulbs Blue Skies 50 bulbsLayer Bulbs Blue Skies 50 bulbs$0.00
Leucojum Aestivum Snowflake Bulbs 5/pkLeucojum Aestivum Snowflake Bulbs 5/pk$0.00
Leucojum Graveteye Giant 2/pkLeucojum Graveteye Giant 2/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Dbl Oriental Sweet Rosy 1/pkLily Bulb Dbl Oriental Sweet Rosy 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Dwarf Or. Mona Lisa 1/pkLily Bulb Dwarf Or. Mona Lisa 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Dwarf Or. Starlight Express 1/pkLily Bulb Dwarf Or. Starlight Express 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Novelty Species Miss Feya 1/pkLily Bulb Novelty Species Miss Feya 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Oriental Casablanca 1/pkLily Bulb Oriental Casablanca 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Oriental Farolito - Dwarf Lily Bulb Oriental Farolito - Dwarf $0.00
Lily Bulb Tiger Pink Flavour 1/pkLily Bulb Tiger Pink Flavour 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Tigrinum Splendens 1/pkLily Bulb Tigrinum Splendens 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Trumpet African Queen 1/pkLily Bulb Trumpet African Queen 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Trumpet Golden Splendor 1/pkLily Bulb Trumpet Golden Splendor 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Trumpet Pink Perfection 1/pkLily Bulb Trumpet Pink Perfection 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Trumpet Regale 1/pkLily Bulb Trumpet Regale 1/pk$0.00
Lily Bulbs Asiatic Black Out 3/pkLily Bulbs Asiatic Black Out 3/pk$0.00
Lily Bulbs Asiatic Landini 2/pkLily Bulbs Asiatic Landini 2/pk$0.00
Lily Bulbs Asiatic Lollypop 3/pkLily Bulbs Asiatic Lollypop 3/pk$0.00
Lily Bulbs Asiatic Purple Eye 3/pkLily Bulbs Asiatic Purple Eye 3/pk$5.99
Lily Bulbs Asiatic Tiny Padhye 3pkLily Bulbs Asiatic Tiny Padhye 3pk$0.00
Lily Dbl Asiatic Anne Marie's Dream 1/pkLily Dbl Asiatic Anne Marie's Dream 1/pk$0.00
Lily Double Asiatic Elodie 1/pkLily Double Asiatic Elodie 1/pk$0.00
Lily Double Oriental Roi 1/pkLily Double Oriental Roi 1/pk$0.00
Lily Oriental Stargazer Bulb 1/pkLily Oriental Stargazer Bulb 1/pk$0.00
Lily Oriental Time Out 1/pkLily Oriental Time Out 1/pk$0.00
Muscari Bulbs - Pink Sunrise Muscari Bulbs - Pink Sunrise $0.00
Muscari Bulbs White Magic Muscari Bulbs White Magic $0.00
Muscari-Grape Hyacinth Value 40/pkMuscari-Grape Hyacinth Value 40/pk$0.00
Narcissus and Muscari Wind and Tide 30/pk$0.00
Narcissus Bulbs - Full House Double 5/pkNarcissus Bulbs - Full House Double 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Bulbs - Golden Ducat 5/pkNarcissus Bulbs - Golden Ducat 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Bulbs Tommy's White 5/pkNarcissus Bulbs Tommy's White 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Golden Bells 5/pkNarcissus Golden Bells 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus King Alfred 10 XL bulbs Narcissus King Alfred  10 XL bulbs $0.00
Narcissus Mount Baker SORRY SOLD OUTNarcissus Mount Baker SORRY SOLD OUT$0.00
Narcissus My Story 5/pkNarcissus My Story 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Shades of White $0.00
Oxalis Adenophylla 5 bulbs/pkOxalis Adenophylla 5 bulbs/pk$0.00
Paperwhites Erlicheer Indoor Narcissus 5/pkPaperwhites Erlicheer Indoor Narcissus 5/pk$0.00
Paperwhites Ziva Indoor Narcissus 3/pk Paperwhites Ziva Indoor Narcissus 3/pk $0.00
Puschkinia Libanotica - Siberian Squill bulbsPuschkinia Libanotica - Siberian Squill bulbs$0.00
Scilla Campanulata Mix 10/pkScilla Campanulata Mix 10/pk$0.00
Scilla Nutans English Bluebells Bulbs 10/pkScilla Nutans English Bluebells Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Scilla Siberica Bulbs Bluebells 10/pkScilla Siberica Bulbs Bluebells 10/pk$0.00
Scilla Sibirica Alba Bulbs 10/pkScilla Sibirica Alba Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Shades of Yellow Daffodil Bulbs 32bulbsShades of Yellow Daffodil Bulbs 32bulbs$0.00
Snow Crocus Bulbs - Zwanenburg Bronze 20/pkSnow Crocus Bulbs - Zwanenburg Bronze 20/pk$0.00
Snow Crocus Firefly 20/pkSnow Crocus Firefly 20/pk$0.00
Snow Crocus Whitewall Purple 20/pkSnow Crocus Whitewall Purple 20/pk$0.00
Strawberries - Tristar 10/rootsStrawberries - Tristar 10/roots$0.00
Tulip (Botanical) Pulch. Chinese Coral 6/pkTulip (Botanical) Pulch. Chinese Coral 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs City Chic ComboTulip Bulbs  City Chic Combo$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Virichic (Viridiflora) 6/pkTulip Bulbs  Virichic (Viridiflora) 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) Chrysantha 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) Chrysantha 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) coreula oculata 3/pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) coreula oculata 3/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) humilis Tete a Tete 6pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) humilis Tete a Tete 6pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) Little Beauty 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) Little Beauty 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) Peppermint Stick 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) Peppermint Stick 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) Praestans Shogun 6pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) Praestans Shogun 6pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) Praestans Unicum 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) Praestans Unicum 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Botanical) Waterlily 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Botanical) Waterlily 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Bouquet) Antoinette 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Bouquet) Antoinette 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Darwin) Bleu Aimable 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Darwin) Bleu Aimable 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Darwin) Queen of Night 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Darwin) Queen of Night 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Darwin) Red Impression 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Darwin) Red Impression 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Darwin) Shirley 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Darwin) Shirley 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Darwin) Silverstream 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Darwin) Silverstream 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Abba 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Abba 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Angelique 12/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Angelique 12/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Cartouche 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Cartouche 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Copper Image 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Copper Image 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Don Double Tulip Bulbs (Double) Don Double $0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Ice Cream 3 bulbs/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Ice Cream 3 bulbs/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) La Belle Epoque 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) La Belle Epoque 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Mondial 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Mondial 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Monte Orange 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Monte Orange 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Orange Angelique 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Orange Angelique 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Double) Sundowner 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Double) Sundowner 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Fost.) Disneyland Paris 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Fost.) Disneyland Paris 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Fost.) Flaming Purissima 6pkTulip Bulbs (Fost.) Flaming Purissima 6pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Fringed Lily) Alexandra 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Fringed Lily) Alexandra 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Fringed) Miami Sunset 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Fringed) Miami Sunset 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Fringed) Vaya Con DiosTulip Bulbs (Fringed) Vaya Con Dios$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Giant) Perestroyka 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Giant) Perestroyka 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Greigii) Casa Grande 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Greigii) Casa Grande 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Greigii) Vanilla Cream 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Greigii) Vanilla Cream 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Burgundy 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Lily) Burgundy 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love /10 bulbsTulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love /10 bulbs$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Tres Chic 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Lily) Tres Chic 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Black Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Black Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Irene Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Irene Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Rococo 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Rococo 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Super Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Super Parrot 6/pk$0.00