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Happy May Long Weekend!
May long weekend Hours Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Monday 9-5
Open Easter Weekend
We are open Easter Weekend! Hope you have time to enjoy family, friends and some gardening!
Spring Bulb Sale
Come on in and check out our Spring Bulb Sale! Shop early for best selection as some items may sell out quickly. Prices in effect until April 30/19...

FALL PLANTING - Spring Blooming Bulbs ~In Store Only~

Sorry, these items are not available for online purchase. These are items we sometimes carry in the Fall, though our Fall Collections may vary. *Tulips, Daffodils and crocus and other Spring flowering bulbs will be available in-store only for Fall 2019 as Canada Post cannot guarantee your package won't get too cold or freeze. We hope you live close enough to visit in person.
Daffodil Bulbs Sound 10/pkDaffodil Bulbs Sound 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Sound 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Sound 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Sunny Girlfriend 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Sunny Girlfriend 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Tahiti 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Tahiti 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Thalia 10/pkDaffodil Bulbs Thalia 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Thalia 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Thalia 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Vanilla Peach 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Vanilla Peach 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs White Marvel Daffodil Bulbs White Marvel $0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Yellow Cheerfulness 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Yellow Cheerfulness 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Baby Moon 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Baby Moon 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Canaliculatis 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Canaliculatis 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Enchanted Pixies 12pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Enchanted Pixies 12pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus February Gold 5/pk Daffodil/Mini Narcissus February Gold 5/pk $0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Jack Snipe 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Jack Snipe 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Jetfire 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Jetfire 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Pipit 5/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Pipit 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Quail 5/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Quail 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Tete a Tete 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Tete a Tete 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Tete a Tete 20/pkDaffodil/Mini Tete a Tete 20/pk$0.00
Deer Resistant Yellow & Blue Mix 50/pkDeer Resistant Yellow & Blue Mix 50/pk$0.00
Dracunculus Vulgaris 1 bulbDracunculus Vulgaris 1 bulb$0.00
Eremurus Bungei Foxtail LilyEremurus Bungei Foxtail Lily$0.00
Eremurus Robustus Foxtail Lily 1/pkEremurus Robustus Foxtail Lily 1/pk$0.00
Erythronium Rose Queen 1/pkErythronium Rose Queen 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Acmopetala bulbs$0.00
Fritillaria Bulbs Beethoven Fritillaria Bulbs Beethoven $0.00
Fritillaria Bulbs Persica ~ Persian Bells 1/pkFritillaria Bulbs Persica ~ Persian Bells 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Crown Imperial Rubra 1/pkFritillaria Crown Imperial Rubra 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Lutea Maxima 1/pkFritillaria Lutea Maxima 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Meleagris Bulbs 10/pkFritillaria Meleagris Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Vivaldi 1 bulb/packFritillaria Vivaldi 1 bulb/pack$0.00
Galanthus 'Flore Pleno' Dbl Snowdrops 5/pkGalanthus 'Flore Pleno' Dbl Snowdrops 5/pk$0.00
Galanthus Single Snowdrops 20/pkGalanthus Single Snowdrops 20/pk$0.00
Galanthus Snowdrop Woronowii 10/pkGalanthus Snowdrop Woronowii 10/pk$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Bogatyr 3 bulbs/packageGarlic Bulbs - Bogatyr 3 bulbs/package$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Bulk Classic White Garlic Bulbs - Bulk Classic White $0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Classic White 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Classic White 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Duganski 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Duganski 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Elephant 3 cloves/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Elephant 3 cloves/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - German White 3 bulb/pkgGarlic Bulbs - German White 3 bulb/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Legacy Rocambole 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Legacy Rocambole 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Metechi 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Metechi 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Mexican Purple 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Mexican Purple 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Music Hardneck 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Music Hardneck 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Russian Red 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Russian Red 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Siberian 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Siberian 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Spanish Roja 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Spanish Roja 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Carnegie 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Carnegie 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs City of Haarlem 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs City of Haarlem 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 8/pkHyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 8/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Gipsy Queen 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Gipsy Queen 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Jan Bos 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Jan Bos 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Marie 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Marie 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Mixed Colours Hyacinth Bulbs Mixed Colours $0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Pink Pearl 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Pink Pearl 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Rembrandt 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Rembrandt 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth King of Blues 4/pkHyacinth King of Blues 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Koh-I-Nor (Blue Ice) 4/pkHyacinth Koh-I-Nor (Blue Ice) 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Peter Stuyvesant $0.00
Hyacinths (forcing) Anne Marie 3/pkHyacinths (forcing) Anne Marie 3/pk$0.00
Hyacinths (forcing) Delft Blue 3/pkHyacinths (forcing) Delft Blue 3/pk$0.00
Hyacinths (forcing) L'Innocence 3/pkHyacinths (forcing) L'Innocence 3/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Lion King Bulbs 10/pkIris Dutch Lion King Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Red Ember Bulbs 10/pkIris Dutch Red Ember Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Sapphire Beauty 10/pkIris Dutch Sapphire Beauty 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Spring Mix 10/pkIris Dutch Spring Mix 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Tiger Mix 10/pkIris Dutch Tiger Mix  10/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Ancient Echos Iris Germanica Ancient Echos $0.00
Iris Germanica Blue Suede Shoes Iris Germanica Blue Suede Shoes $0.00
Iris Germanica Bountiful Harvest 1/pkIris Germanica Bountiful Harvest 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Drama Queen 1/pkIris Germanica Drama Queen 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Final Episode 1/pkIris Germanica Final Episode 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Immortality 1/pkIris Germanica Immortality 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Kind Hearted Iris Germanica Kind Hearted $0.00
Iris Germanica Mariposa Skies 1/pkIris Germanica Mariposa Skies 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Naples 1/pkIris Germanica Naples 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Penny Lane Iris Germanica Penny Lane $0.00
Iris Germanica Speeding Again 1/pkIris Germanica Speeding Again 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Tour de France 1/pkIris Germanica Tour de France 1/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Violet Turner 1/pkIris Germanica Violet Turner 1/pk$0.00
Iris reticulata Harmony Bulbs 10/pkIris reticulata Harmony Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Iris Reticulata J.S. Dyt Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Layer Bulb Kit - Fragrant FavouritesLayer Bulb Kit -  Fragrant Favourites$0.00
Layer Bulbs Blue Skies 50 bulbsLayer Bulbs Blue Skies 50 bulbs$0.00
Leucojum Aestivum Snowflake Bulbs 5/pkLeucojum Aestivum Snowflake Bulbs 5/pk$0.00
Leucojum Graveteye Giant 2/pkLeucojum Graveteye Giant 2/pk$0.00
Muscari Bulbs - Pink Sunrise Muscari Bulbs - Pink Sunrise $0.00
Muscari Bulbs White Magic Muscari Bulbs White Magic $0.00
Muscari-Grape Hyacinth Value 40/pkMuscari-Grape Hyacinth Value 40/pk$0.00
Narcissus and Muscari Wind and Tide 30/pk$0.00
Narcissus Bulbs - Full House Double 5/pkNarcissus Bulbs - Full House Double 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Bulbs - Golden Ducat 5/pkNarcissus Bulbs - Golden Ducat 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Bulbs Tommy's White 5/pkNarcissus Bulbs Tommy's White 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Golden Bells 5/pkNarcissus Golden Bells 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus King Alfred 10 XL bulbs Narcissus King Alfred  10 XL bulbs $0.00
Narcissus Mount Baker SORRY SOLD OUTNarcissus Mount Baker SORRY SOLD OUT$0.00
Narcissus My Story 5/pkNarcissus My Story 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Rockgarden Suzy 5/pk$0.00
Narcissus Shades of White $0.00