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What's New & What's Hot 2011

Bedding Plants

Petunia Black VelvetPetunia 'Black Velvet' 

Brand new and velvety black;
this petunia is going to get your creative side excited!
What will you combine it with? 
Tiny white flowers of bacopa or 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia,
shimmery pink Osteospermum, or dramatic chartreuse potato vine? 
It's the little black dress of petunias. 
Goes with everything and adds drama to all occasions.


Colorific RoseColorific  

Very large flowers of peach, coral and salmon tinted
with scarlet and burgundy edges make each flower interesting
and uniquely beautiful. 
Strong long stems with a light fragrance make it a lovely cutting rose also.


Dick Clark RoseDick Clark  

Black red buds open to cream and cherry pink then
deepen to cream and deeper cherry red.  The classically
formed flowers on this grandiflora rose have a medium
cinnamon scent and nice long stems for cutting.


Rose Fame


Deep, pure-pink, large and full flowers
in abundance on this vigorous bushy grandiflora. 
The flashy flowers are a real show stopper!



Rose Grande DameGrande Dame

 If you love fragrant roses this just might be the new rose for you!  Deep pink roses absolutely saturated in intense old rose fragrance make this
hybrid tea easy to love.  Old fashioned fragrance and form on a big, bushy vigorous bush.


Party Hardy ~ We like to think that this rose is a tribute to our very own Party la Hardy (a.k.a the naturally beautiful Port Hardy). Bred in Canada to not only tolerate but love our climate this rose is actually hardy to zone 3  -30 brr! Besides being hardy and easy to grow this rose has medium sized, deep pink flowers in large clusters and a light apple fragrance.

Walking on Sunshine ~ Large clusters of buds open to sprays of bright yellow roses with softer yellow edges creating a beautiful effect with a moderate anise fragrance.  Fantastic bloom production and super glossy green leaves on this medium sized floribunda.

White Licorice  ~ For the fragrance lover!  Large lemony-cream classically formed roses with a delicious, licorice and lemon fragrance lovely both as cut flowers and in the garden. Soft colours but strong fragrance and deep green leaves on this floribunda rose.

Climbing Purple Splash ~ Wow!  Like no other climbing rose you have seen before; the purple and white splashed flowers bring a fun and frilly look to this repeat blooming climbing rose.  The medium to large flowers are displayed in large clusters for a dramatic effect and have a moderate fragrance.


Buddleia 'Lo and Behold Blue Chip' ~ The butterfly bush we have all been waiting for, for smaller spaces or containers!  Lo and Behold grows only 24-30" tall, blooms and blooms, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and requires no pruning.  Deer resistant!


Lilac 'Bloomerang' ~  Called bloomerang for it's long blooming habit, this lilac repeat blooms so you can enjoy that old fashioned lilac fragrance through the summer.  This lilac grows 4-6' tall, so much smaller than standard lilacs.  Deer resistant!

Hydrangea 'Vanille Fraise' ~  A brand new, easy to grow hydrangea for the full sun (or part sun) location.  'Vanilla Strawberry' is an apt name for the lovely white flowers that develop a deep strawberry pink colour.   Blooms on new wood so can be hard pruned in early spring to be kept smaller or left to grow to it's full height of 6'.


Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade' ~ Move over boys and make room for this little pink blueberry to pollinate with you.  Like a classic blue blueberry in every way except this variety has pink berries.  I haven't tasted this one yet as it is our first year with it but I think it would look amazing mixed with blue, blueberries for breakfast or dessert!


Honeyberry 'Blue Moon' and 'Blue Velvet' ~  As the honeyberry is native to Siberia this interesting fruit does two very interesting things for us here in Campbell River.  First it is ridiculously winter hardy (Siberia!) and second it fruits before all of the other summer fruits; even before strawberries.   The taste is said to be similar to blueberries.  Their pollination is also similar to blueberries in that they are not male and female; you just need two different varieties and they will both produce fruit.  For this reason we sell them as a pair.