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Welcome to a Brand New Year in the Garden!

As the beginning of a new year unfolds it is a great time to both reflect on last year and make plans for the New Year.  There is plenty to do in the garden, to get ready and cleaned up for Spring, but spending some time first of all reflecting and planning is also very important and quite satisfying and it may save you time in the long run.
My favourite way to start is to bundle up, grab an empty notebook and your favourite warm drink and wander through your yard.  Try to look at your garden with fresh eyes.  You might need to walk down the street and then approach your yard to try to see it "fresh". Don't overwhelm yourself.  You might only look at one part of your garden today so start by picking the one that is the most important to you.
Most gardeners know which areas need some work but here are some areas you might think about:-
Front Entrance-The purpose of this area is to welcome your family and friends to your home.
Borders& Flower Gardens-Should frame your outdoor space and or create interest and shape in your yard.
Hanging Baskets and Containers-These are the generally the final touches but in small gardens, they may play a larger role.
Veggie Garden-Because growing your own food is fun and more important than ever!
Pond or seating area-A place of solitude and relaxation.
Lawns-A place to lay, play and walk barefoot.
Look at everything and reflect on how it looked in season and what the possibilities are for this year.  To begin with, you might look at your front entrance and critique the garden shape, style, nearby planters etc.  Then make a few notes. 
How are the pathways, structures and hardscaping?
Do the shrubs need trimming?  If so make a note to check the correct time of year for pruning specific plants.  Be careful, some shrubs, like Rhododendrons and Lilacs, have the buds already formed and you will be trimming all the flowers away if you were to prune these in winter.
How does the soil look?  Could it use amending or re-mulching?  Even though you may not do these until later in the Spring make yourself a note now that you want to add manure, compost or mulch.
An all-purpose fertilizer such as our Organic Mix or 10-15-19 can be applied in early March.
Are there changes that need to be made or does it simply need to be maintained?  If you are on tight budget maintenance is your friend; everything looks better when it looks loved.
If time permits, you may want to reflect on all the areas of your garden this way so you can prepare a loose plan of what your priorities are for 2019.  Recognize that you may have to prioritize some areas for the next year.  This way while you are working in your yard you will have a clear picture of what you are working towards.
I hope 2019 will be a fantastic year for you in your garden!