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A Sunny Sunday in the Garden in March

There is not a lot I enjoy more on a day off than a sunny Sunday in my garden.

sunny spot in the garden for coffee

Yesterday morning did start out a wee bit chilly but by the time I had my inside jobs done, and was ready to head outside with a cup of coffee, the crocuses were wide open offering themselves up to the sun.

Spring crocus

I spent a good portion of my time weeding and preparing areas for planting, then I harvested banana potatoes, a beet root, some kale leaves and some brussel sprouts to go with our dinner, not too shabby for early March:)

produce from the March garden

I planted some basil seeds and red russian kale seeds indoors under lights and checked on the curley scotch kale and spinach I planted a couple weeks ago in my unheated greenhouse.

the raised veggie beds and greenhouse

They are up and growing!

grow your own kale

The chooks were scratching in the dirt looking for insects to eat...

our backyard chickens, fall planted garlic

(Eggs from the coop)

backyard chickens vancouver island

For my birthday last month Nigel gave me a macro camera lens. So I also spent time taking photos, not that I have any idea what I'm doing yet, but it is fun.

skimmia japonica berries

Photos really let you zoom in, if you like, on the best bits of your garden; finding little vignettes of beauty and early signs of spring.

Hellebore orientalis

...and sometimes you find something completely unexpected.  A garden casualty? A casualty of war? Or a memory of little ones playing alongside while you garden ha ha!

A garden casualty, a casualty of war or a memory of little ones playing alongside while you garden