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Autumn Crocus and Colchicum Bulbs

Fall blooming bulbs are the tiny treasures of the autumn garden. As the days shorten and the shadows lengthen, the Saffron Crocus and Colchicum flowers make their début. These bulbs are planted in late summer to early fall with their blooming period to follow immediately afterwards. As much as the spring crocus herald the coming of Spring and the end of winter, the autumn-blooming bulbs announce fall is coming.


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Summer Blooming Bulbs

Spring is in the air and gardeners all around town are planning out their summer gardens. Glossy magazines showcase all the beautiful summer flowering bulbs that you can add to your garden in the Spring and enjoy all summer long. Lilies, peonies, dahlias, glads and callas are all in stock for you to choose from now.
Lilies are very easy to grow, and the selection of colour, shape and fragrance makes them workhorses in the garden. They are extremely winter-hardy and will get bigger and better each season. By adding a variety of lily types to your garden, you can have lilies in bloom nearly all summer long! Blooming starts with the Asiatic Lilies, then Trumpet Lilies, Tigers Lilies, Oriental Lilies and last but certainly not least very large growing Tree Lilies. Because these all bloom at slightly different times you can have lilies blooming from late June to early September. This group of true lilies is hardy enough to be left in the ground year-round in Campbell River.
In early spring you can buy peony tubers and plant them out in your garden. Peonies are a perennial that prefers not to be moved so try to plant them where you want them long term. Read More

How to Layer Bulbs

A great way to plant bulbs in containers is to Layer them. In addition to creating stunning combinations, layering your bulbs can also extend the length of bloom time for your container when you choose early, mid and later blooming bulbs. You'll be impressed with how much impact one container can.... well, contain :)

Bulb layering is such a simple technique, but each fall I get lots of question about how to do this, so I thought it was a great thing to tell you about this month. So get your Autumnal Garden Groove on and let's layer that container!


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Growing Great Garlic!


Growing garlic is very satisfying. Simply to be able to harvest your garlic for cooking is such a great feeling. I've always thought it would make a great appetizer for a dinner party to oven roast a bunch of different varieties and taste test them with a baguette and a glass of wine. Then you could languish over the subtleties of flavours of Mexican Purple, Rocambole or Metechi. You may just find that you don't need to pick one favourite; that having a variety is much more fun. Garlic is very easy to grow so if you haven't tried growing garlic before, make this the year you do.


Fall is the very best time to plant garlic.  I say "very" best because you can still plant in the spring if you missed out on fall planting, but planting in autumn will give your garlic the optimal timing for growing.


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Bulbs... What's New for Fall Planting

Fall is an interesting time for gardeners.  It's both a time for looking back at the recently passed gardening season and a time of looking forward to next year's possibilities.  No plantings speak to this feeling better than planting spring blooming bulbs.  After all, once you tuck them into the soil in October, smooth the soil back over them, there is no sign of the promise to come.  The garden sleeps through the winter and when spring arrives little sprouts begin to push their way out of the earth bursting into glorious colourful blooms that announce, "Spring is here!"

Gardeners are optimists by nature.  We plan, we plant, we hope, we care for and we watch in wonder as seeds become food, saplings become majestic shade trees and tiny bulbs become burst of spring colour that brighten our day.   


New and Interesting Bulbs for Spring 2014 

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New Spring Blooming Bulbs Varieties for Fall Planting

It's always exciting to see what is new for the garden.  This fall there are lots of new bulbs to plant for gorgeous spring blooms.  Here is a sneak peek at a few that we are really excited about!  Most of these are in stock now, a few are still to come...

Allium 'Silver Spring'

Allium are always popular so new varieties are also always welcome.  Alliums are not only show stoppers but also deer resistant, sun loving and drought tolerant.  They bloom in early summer so they really lengthen the bulb season.  This variety Silver Spring has four inch large, round blooms of raspberry and white with maroon centres and a sweet licorice scent. Hardy to zone 4, they grow to 26 inches tall.

Allium 'Summer Drummer'

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Luscious Lilies

With the first breath of summer comes the beauty of lilies. Graceful lily flowers are a favourite in many gardens with certain varieties creating bold splashes of colour, a rich heady fragrance or dramatic vertical accents.  Often gardeners have a favourite, like the lovely fragrant Stargazer Oriental Lily, but by adding more varieties you can have lilies that bloom from mid-June to September.  Most lilies are very easy to grow; a little bonemeal and steer manure and they will reward you with years and years of enjoyment both in your garden and as cut flowers.

Asiatic Lilies

With their wide upward facing flowers displayed on masse these are the lilies that create the most vibrant splashes of colour.  From deep dark purple that is almost black like L. 'Landini' to eye popping bicoloured L. 'Lollypop' that is white with deep roses tips on her petals and almost every other colour you can think of.  Asiatic lilies are often overlooked as they are not fragrant but they are the first to bloom in June and so showy and easy to grow they are a welcome addition to any garden.

Bloom Mid June-early July

Height 30-45 inches

Hardy to zone 2

Trumpet lilies (Aurelian Hybrids)

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Fall is the Time to Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs!

Fall seems to have come early this year and all our customers are telling us they aren't ready for it.  It feels like it just got nice and now it is all over.  I'm gonna say, Summer was like a bad boyfriend; arriving late, having a few short, warm, lovely, weeks of fun and then he left early and we were ditched, left with nothing but a cold fall shoulder to cry on.

And winter...Oh my gosh, winter is coming and there is not even the prospect of another Summer until JUNE.  How will we get through the dark, dank, wet, wild, windy winter?

Spring will come...and planting spring blooming bulbs is a great way to brighten your garden to welcome Spring.  Planting bulbs is one of the easiest forms of gardening.  In fact there is a huge North America-wide campaign called "Dig, Drop, Done" aimed at teaching the younger generation how easy bulb planting is and how simple it is to add beautiful flowers to your tubs and/or gardens.  Many of us already know the simple joy of planting Spring Bulbs.  

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How to Start Tuberous Begonias

Well, it's February and at this time of year a lot of gardeners are just itching to get going in their gardens. There is a lot that can be done at this time, some pruning and tidying your garden, but what about the desire to get growing flowers for this summer garden?

Luckily, now is exactly the right time to start Tuberous Begonias! Tuberous Begonias are by far the longest blooming of the summer flowering bulbs. Truly gorgeous, large vibrant blooms on top of plants that grow about 10-15 inches in height. They bloom from June until frost and if you have a good location for them they are fairly easy to grow.

They need a shady, morning sun or filtered sun location that is not cold and wet. They can be grown in containers or in the garden and are equally beautiful either way. Start Tuberous Begonias in February. They are the first bulbs to come into garden centers in the new year and are almost all gone before the lilies, gladiolus and other summer flowering bulbs are available.

Choose from colours such as white, yellow, orange, red and pink; trailing which are great for hanging baskets or upright plants. The tubers are disc-like in shape with a concave side and a rounded side.

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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Spring is in the air and gardeners all around town are planning out their summer gardens. Glossy magazines showcase all the beautiful summer flowering bulbs that you can add to your garden in the Spring and enjoy not only all summer but for many years.

This is the time to choose your summer flowering bulbs! Corms of Gladiolus, roots of Hosta, Hardy Geraniums, Day lilies Alstroemeria, tubers of Peonies and Dahlias, and true bulbs of Dutch Iris and Lilies are all in your garden centre for you to choose from now.

Not only is your garden well planned by choosing now, but you will get the best selection now and packaged bulbs and roots are much cheaper than buying the potted plants later on. The choice is nearly endless and the possibilities amazing.

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