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Blueberry 'Sweetheart'

March 29, 2017

Brand new and now in stock, Blueberry 'Sweetheart', is a very exciting new blueberry variety as it is the first and only blueberry that produces two crops of blueberries; one in June and another crop in August. Now that's pretty incredible!


Sweetheart Blueberries grow four to six feet tall and about three feet wide. The berries are medium-sized, with great flavour. If you are already growing blueberries, Sweetheart produces before your first berries and after your last and extending the harvest time of fresh berries in your gardens is actually, "really terrific".  This blueberry is also claiming to be self-fertile - oh my, it is almost too good to be true!


When you are planting your blueberry plants, it is best to incorporate some peat moss and rock phosphate. The peat moss will help to acidify the soil, and the rock phosphate will provide phosphorus for healthy root growth. Blueberries like a sunny location and require a minimum of six hours of sunlight to produce fruit. Watch your new transplants are receiving adequate water through the summer, and you will be harvesting blueberries before you know it! Planting more than one variety will ensure cross-pollination and increase your yield even if you choose a self-fertile variety.



Other amazing blueberries:-

•    Bluecrop – Mid-season, large berries, most widely grown variety and great flavour

•    Chandler – Mid to late, huge berries of wonderful flavour over a long season

•    Duke – Early season, medium sized and very heavy cropper

•    Hardy Blue – Mid-season, medium sized berries, well-known for good, sweet, flavour

•    Northland – Early season, medium sized berries great for cooler summer areas

•    Reka – Early season, medium sized, high yielding berry bush that is more tolerant of heavier soils

•    Sweet Heart – Very early and very late, medium sized berries. The first two season blueberry

•    Top Hat – Mid-season, this variety grows only two feet tall making it ideal for containers. Self-fertile but will produce more fruit with a second variety.

•    Wild Blueberry (Native) – Late-season, pea-sized berries have excellent sweet flavour. Easy to grow, these plants don’t mind being in poor wet soils and are excellent for riparian plantings and restoration projects.